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A Bit(e) About The Author

Meet Jennifer Lindridge , as well as the furry contributors to her book “Eleven Dogs Live With Me”.

Her first book, The Fuzz-Fuzz, is also distributed under the Lapa / Penguin Random House South Africa imprint.


The pack called a meeting, and in between chewing toys, and barking at birds and butterflies and joggers and leaves falling off trees (yeah, pretty much everything), they got creative and came up with the best merch for your little person! They say if you want more, talk to the paw! Nooooooooow…. Fetch!

The Fuzz Fuzz Ginger Cat plush toy

11 Dogs Live With Me Book - R110

Diesel basset plush toy

Diesel-Basset 30cm Plush Cuddly Toy - R550

Teddy Plush

Teddy 20cm Plush Cuddly Toy - R390

Diesel the basset enamel badge

Diesel Basset Enamel Badge - R49.90

Dog Stickers

Eleven Dogs Sticker Pack - R60

Diesel the basset enamel badge

Puffy Doggy Headband - R62

Free Fun!

Pawsome stuff to print out and do… anytime, anywhere! Click here to view the activities.

Doggy Bloggy

The Dogs have a lot to say.


Once a month they make me

siiiiit… staaaay…

and tell you what’s on their minds.

They would do it themselves, but that pesky issue of not having opposable thumbs makes it tough going for them.

Fortunately, they are very patient with me.

Turns out, I’m infinitely teachable!

The Detailed Info Stuff